About This Site.

The primary purpose of this website is two fold, first it is to peddle my book on How John Wrote the Book of Revelation. Second, it is to promote the theory of the Revelation Draft Hypothesis.

As with all theories there are discussions as to the theory's validity. This site welcomes both advocates and detractors of the Revelation Draft Hypothesis. As this site matures, capability to foster a dialogue will be implemented allowing registered users to post comments and criticism to the theory. For now, it strictly a one sided conversation in which I post just enough information to provide a credible case for the theory and yet vague enough to be a teaser to buy my book. This is what is called marketing with honesty.

The website contains less than 5% of the material found in the Revelation Draft Hypothesis: From Concept to Publication. For example, the first three drafts of Revelation is presented in the book but not on this site. There is a 58 page chapter dedicated to parallels internal to Revelation that provides the reader with a different perspective to the book of Revelation.

The book is written in a way that the first time reader to the Bible and the scholar who studied Revelation for decades can understand and walk away with new insight. Many readers comment that reading How John Wrote Revelation: From Concept to Publication is like watching John as he writes the book of Revelation.