How John Created the Zechariah Draft (ZrD)

In this illustration the left two columns represent the order and process in which John dealt with the EID wax tablets shown on Ezekiel-Isaiah Draft. The right column represents how the wax tablets were moved to satisfy the content found in the left column. At this point in the construction, the bulk of Ezekiel is arranged in the order that we find in the Revelation today.

The Order and Process John Moved the Wax Tablets The Tablets John Moved or Used

Z1 Whom they have pierced they shall mourn (Zech 12:10; Rev 1:9)

John began a new wax tablet with Zechariah 12:10 at the beginning.

Z2 The Oratories to God's people

John conflated the wax tablets EP2 and IP2 to form the template to the letters of the seven churches.

John took the whole wax tablet IP6 and a phrase in IP7 as the first unique content for the seven churches.

EP2 Ezekiel's Mission
IP2 Isaiah's Mission
IP6 Jesus as Eliakim
IP7 Tyre and Jesus as a certain king.

Z3 The Coronation of Joshua the High Priest (Zech 6:9-15; Rev 4:1 - 5:14)

John conflated both Ezekiel’s and Isaiah’s experience in heaven and then adds the coronation of Jesus.

EP1 Ezekiel's Experience in Heaven
IP1 Isaiah's Experience in Heaven

Z4 The Four Chariots and the Four Winds (Zech 6:1-8; Rev 6:1-8; 8:7 - 9:21)

John took the two wax tablets (EP4, IP4) and made IP4 the four chariots and appended EP4 afterwards making it the four winds.

IP4 The Judgments by Jesus
EP4 The Judgment by the Nations

Z5 A Woman in the Basket (Zech 5:5-11; Rev 12:1-17; 17:1-18)

John took the pregnant woman and the harlot and made them both the city of Jerusalem. The pregnant woman represented righteousness and the harlot represented wickedness. He then constructed a simple parallel between the two.

IP3 The New Seed (Jesus as the Child)
IP7 Tyre and Jesus as a Certain King

Z6 The Flying Scroll (Zech 5:1-4; Rev 10:1-11)

John split the scroll from EP1(Ezek 2:8 - 3:3) leaving a portion in the coronation of Jesus scene and moving the rest to this location.

EP1 Ezekiel and the Scroll
IP7 Tyre and Jesus as a Certain King

Z7 Jerusalem will be Blessed, Joshua the High Priest, and the Two Anointed (Zech 2:1 - 4:15; Rev 11:1 - 12:17)

John took the wax tablets (EP3, EP5, IP3, IP5) and creatively infused Zechariah 2:1 - 4:15 to form the 42 month, 1,260 day, 3½ day parallel.

EP3 Ezekiel Appointed as a Watchman IP3 The New Seed
EP5 The Glory of God Flees Jerusalem IP5 Babylon Pursues God's Glory

Z8 The Four Horns (Zech 1:18-20; Rev 16:1 - 18:19)

John made the four horns by copying the four winds from EP4 and changing them from affecting a third to affecting all.

EP4 Judgment by the Nations (Copied and changed 'third' to 'all')
EP6 Jerusalem the Harlot

Z9 The Return Home (1:1-17; Rev 18:20 - 20:15)

John used Zechariah 1:1-17 to tell the following stories:

  • God, after 70 years is angry with the nations (Zech 1:12, IP7, EP8, IP).
  • God’s cities will once again flow with prosperity (1:17, EP9, IP9, EP10, IP10).
  • God calls his son to return to him (Zech 1:3; EP8).
EP7 Tyre
IP7 Tyre and Jesus, as a Certain King
EP8 God Slays the Great Dragon IP8 Jesus Slays the Great Dragon
EP9 Attacked by Gog and Magog IP9 Jerusalem Attacked by the Nations
IP10 The Holy City of Jerusalem
EP10 The City of God